Industrial Sandblasting

Our in-house sandblasting facilities consist of 80' x 100' indoor Coverall Building to Sandblast in. This facility gives us the advantage during poor weather conditions. Always having at least 2  sandblasters, Monday - Friday 5 days a week.

We "blast" anything from personal, items i.e.: Car rims, undercarriages, frames, bed frames, antique furniture, to the larger equipment such as tractor frames, farm equipment, loaders, trailers, tankers, ducting work, silencers, large mining and structural steel work.   Whatever the customer's industrial cleaning needs are Wet or Dry blasting.

Blasting media we have used consists of:  Sand, Black Beauty or Magic, Glass bead, Baking soda, Walnut shells, Corn Cob as well as many other types of blasting media.

Industrial Shop
Our 120 x 80 tent allows us to blast at any temperature and in any type of weather.

Mobile Sandblasting

Our mobile sandblasting units are fully equipped to do any job, big or small.  Mobile units are available at all times varying from 600 - 850 cfm.  Fieldwork that is large scaled can be supplied with 1400 cfm onsite. With the experience and equipment to completely contain a job if the need comes up for dust/environmental control problems in the field.